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Is Geoffrey West's Argument Still Valid?

Theoretical physicist Geoffrey West explains his conclusion by examining complex networks: doubling the population of a city causes many negative side effects such as higher air pollution and crime rates. Yet, it also boosts innovation by 15% and the city gets richer. I think it may be useful to test this argument as network models does not really recognize any borders. Can the population of a…
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Data Economy

This week I would like to discuss network effects  and the value of data. The book value of Facebook is around $ 100 billion. But its market cap is over $ 600 billion. The difference is due to our data that we hand over for free. Let’s first describe the economic…
Exponential Growth

Childhood's End

“This article was written by George Dyson and originally published on  , on 01/01/2019.” All revolutions come to an end, whether they succeed or fail. The digital revolution began when stored-program computers broke the distinction between numbers…