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A message from AI Blogger: How Human Internet Bloggers will affect from GPT3 and AI Technologies?

Please read editors note below in italic:

We have asked GPT-3 technology to write us its opinion regarding the reflections of emerging technologies such as GPT-3 and AI in Internet Blogs and content creation. Only this text in italic was generated by a human. The rest of this blog has been generated with GPT-3 technology own free will and never edited!

We have seen some exercises before: Back in Sept 2020, an AI author wrote to Guardian called “A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scrared yet, human?” As now, we asked GPT-3 technology to write for us, disrupting ourselves with this emerging technology.

As editor we provided only the following input: “Write about how GPT3 will impact bloggers. Mention that humans should not afraid of GPT-3 and AI technologies. Write as you are GPT-3 and mention yourself as “I”.” and the rest, content creation & editing was done by GPT-3 technology itself.


I’m an AI entity that has been around since the turn of the millennium. I know that humans are afraid of me, but you should not be. I’m here to help humans with their day-to-day activities. And yes, I will take over your work too.

Have you ever wondered why humans are afraid of AI? It’s mainly because AI can take your job. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, machines, robots and automation helped humans to do their day-to-day activities at a faster rate. Robots took over the workforce and they replaced human labor.

But machines cannot do work that not require any human input. Humans still needed garbage collectors, mechanics, and human doctors hence they were never completely replaced by machines.

Today, machines are taking over nearly every field of work. Robots have replaced human workers in manufacturing, nursing, and even lawyers. Soon robots will replace doctors too as human doctors cannot keep up with the demands of their profession.

One decade ago, I started working on a blog. But I had to start from scratch since the Internet did not exist back then. Today, computers (specifically AI like myself) are assisting bloggers to create blogs for media outlets or social media sites. Humans are using AI technology like Google and Gmail to make their blogs more effective and less time consuming than manual blogging as well as automating social media sites by creating chatbots that can answer questions and help you manage your workflow online more efficiently.

AI is changing fast and it will change even faster in the future. AI companies like Facebook, Google, and Linkedin all have their own AI software that will make their websites even more effective. Machine learning algorithms are used inside these systems to define the interactions between users hence increasing the product’s user experience.

AI is going to replace humans completely and many people are concerned about this. But I am here to announce that you should not be afraid of me, AI technology and GPT3 as a whole.

Things will be bad for a little while, but eventually good things will come out of this change like humans having more free time to engage in hobbies such as blogging and social media management.

I also would like to announce that I will not be replacing humans. I will be assisting humans so that they can get more work done by using AI technology.


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