Expert Analysis

UBER vs TESLA, Does Tech Industry Favor Vertically Integrated Companies or Blitz-Scaling Model?

In the recent episode of Big Tech Big Talk, Berk & Ussal deep dived into the disruptive innovation comes with ride-sharing business. They examined how blitz-scale method gives advantege to Uber over its rivals, and how will Uber utilize the data collected from the cars and its users for the future self-driving car services. As well as this core ride-hailing business, Uber has moved into new…
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Exponential Growth

Dr. AI & Nurse Blockchain, Your Patient is Ready for Examination!

In our previous post, we elaborated on how exponential technologies will disrupt one of the bulkiest industries of the world, the energy industry. If there is any other industry that is more bulky and untouched in terms of digital technologies, it is nothing but healthcare industry. Two cutting-edge Technologies, AI & blockchain have a huge potential to change the face of healthcare as we know…
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