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Competitive Market of Battery Production - Europe vs. Asia

The gaining traction of electric vehicles (EV) industry and the renewable energy adoption of Europe have been pushing the local demand higher. However, the lack of native supply has allowed many international Asian companies such as LG Chem and Samsung to take over the market. In fact, in 2018, less than 3% of total demand was supplied by European companies for the EV market. The domination…

9 Things Finishing Ironman 70.3 Triathlon Taught me about Life & Entrepreneurship

I have just raced at Ironman 70.3 Triathlon in Antalya. Water temperature was great; the humidity was ok; except for the…
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AQ (Adaptability Quotient): The New Form of IQ or EQ In the Edge of “Future of Work”

The Problem The future is faster than what we believe and hence everything changes faster than ever before. This…
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Three policy innovations that Turkey is making through the SDG Impact Accelerator

SDG Impact Accelerator, which I helped to design and implement, conducted its first demo day on September 13, 2019, in…

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The Ambidextrous Organization: Summary

 This is my first article in what I hope will become a series: four paragraph summaries of academic papers. The Ambidextrous Organization is an HBR paper by Charles A. O’Reilly III and Michael L. Tushman. It describes the conflict organizations face between capitalizing on traditional sources of revenue, and exploring opportunities for new, radical innovation. Shifting…
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Will Privacy Be One Of The Victims Of COVID-19? (CEPS)

 As the COVID-19 outbreak rages across the world, governments have started observing the effectiveness of different approaches to ‘flatten the curve’ or contain the spread of the virus. So far, the most effective governments seem to be those that have invested in…

The Role of Technology to Prevent Outbreaks

As stated in the World Health Organization’s Managing Epidemics: Key Facts About Major Deadly Diseases, 2018, the past twenty years have been a period of deadly epidemics. In 2003, the SARS coronavirus, which no one had heard before, infected more than eight thousand people, and the H1N1 influenza outbreak that began in 2009 was the first pandemic of this century. The MERS coronavirus, which…
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AQ (Adaptability Quotient): The New Form of IQ or EQ In the Edge of “Future of Work”

The Problem The future is faster than what we believe and hence everything changes faster than ever before. This convergence is speeding up at an exponential level which radically impacts current business environment. In an age of continuous technological advancement, the next Facebook, Uber or Alibaba that transforms their industry could be just around the corner. Research shows that the average…
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Education Strategy for All – Road to 2023

Fact: As a global entitlement, every child has the right to access learning services. Although statistics show more children enrolled in school, the triple bottom line indicates failing learning trends. Most of the children are lack of the knowledge and skills to unlock their true potential and utilize it to establish value-added contribution to their society as well as to the world.   The…
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