Finland – The Happiest Country in the World Invites Turkish Startup Founders and Talents to Explore Career and Business Options.

For the 6th year in a row, Finland has been named the happiest country in the annual World Happiness. The report was published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a global initiative for the United Nations. Satisfaction is measured based on GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom, and perception of corruption, in all of which Finland is a forerunner.

The Finnish society has certain cornerstones that make everyday life good. Firstly, Finland is a very stable and well-organized country. Healthcare is efficient, and the education system is among the best in the world. Finland has a high degree of gender equality. The very affordable daycare for children here makes it possible for both parents to have an active working life – as well as an enjoyable family life. Workdays are usually limited to eight hours and a typical summer holiday is four weeks long. More ‘human’ working hours mean you can enjoy a work-life balance.

Finland is a country with very low hierarchy in the workplace and corporate bureaucracy is kept to a minimum, which makes everything run much more smoothly. Organizations are agile, which means that innovations can be introduced and implemented quickly.

Finland is a stable Nordic society, a top high-tech country and home to a vibrant startup ecosystem. You can explore Finnish working life and career opportunities at

More information for startup founders can be found at: Startup a business (

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What is the World Happiness Report?

The UN World Happiness Report is a survey of the state of global happiness that ranks 156 countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be. It contains articles and rankings of national happiness, based on respondent ratings of their own lives, in relation to various factors on quality of life and society. Read the World Happiness Report 2023.

Compiled by Sezin Ata Diler

Sezin Ata Diler works as Talent Manager at Business Finland`s Work in Finland Unit in Turkiye. In her role, she is connecting the Finnish and Turkish ecosystems and stakeholders to attract startups and talents to Finland.

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