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Is Geoffrey West's Argument Still Valid?

Theoretical physicist Geoffrey West explains his conclusion by examining complex networks: doubling the population of a city causes many negative side effects such as higher air pollution and crime rates. Yet, it also boosts innovation by 15% and the city gets richer. I think it may be useful to test this argument as network models does not really recognize any borders. Can the population of a…
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Bill Gates On How to Fight Future Pandemics

Apr 23rd 2020 BY BILL GATES When historians write the book on the covid-19 pandemic, what we’ve lived through so far will probably take up only the first third or so. The bulk of the story will be what happens next. In most of Europe, East Asia and North America the peak…

Will Privacy Be One Of The Victims Of COVID-19? (CEPS)

 As the COVID-19 outbreak rages across the world, governments have started observing the effectiveness of different approaches to ‘flatten the curve’ or contain the spread of the virus. So far, the most effective governments seem to be those that have invested in solid and even redundant healthcare infrastructure, engaged in mass testing, and identified and isolated infected people (and…
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The Role of Technology to Prevent Outbreaks

As stated in the World Health Organization’s Managing Epidemics: Key Facts About Major Deadly Diseases, 2018, the past twenty years have been a period of deadly epidemics. In 2003, the SARS coronavirus, which no one had heard before, infected more than eight thousand…