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Digital Transformation Moving to Main Street

For the last 5 years, big tech companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google have talked about the term “digital transformation.” The idea being, moving old systems into the digital and virtual world. At the large company level, those changes were accelerated with the events of 2020. “We have crammed 2 years of digital transformation talk into 2 months,” said Satya Nadella, CEO…
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The Click Economy: Is There a Future?

We’re currently living in the era of the click economy — but what does that mean? The Click Economy means that companies of all sizes, in all industries, are competing for a single, specific user action: a click. That is to say, a user is clicking on a link to a page of…
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How to Transform an Organization Successfully?

Nearly 50 percent of organizations that had change management efforts have failed. – Gartner Today’s competitive business environment forces organizations to evolve faster and become more agile. Moreover, companies are obliged to focus on the customer experience. That, inevitably, calls for digital transformation. Yet, most of the digital transformation efforts fail badly. Instead, they…
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Handbook for TikTok for Non-Profits and Digital Diplomacy

Retrieved from here. Handbook for TikTok for non-profits and digital diplomacy A practitioners manual with tips and best practices to leverage TikTok for good, for government, and for social impact. I spent the summer interviewing the social media managers behind some of the hottest TikTok accounts in the social impact and digital diplomacy space. I also spoke to experts and scholars to…
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COVID-19 highlights need for digitizing and automating trade in South Asia

Early in March, amid concerns about the spread of COVID-19, Bangladesh, Bhutan India, and Nepal (BBIN countries) placed restrictions on the movement of people and freight between their countries. Supply chains were disrupted, and trade flows were heavily impacted as a result. Thousands of trucks, many loaded with perishable goods, were reportedly stranded at the border between India’s…
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