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Digital Transformation Moving to Main Street

For the last 5 years, big tech companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google have talked about the term “digital transformation.” The idea being, moving old systems into the digital and virtual world. At the large company level, those changes were accelerated with the events of 2020. “We have crammed 2 years of digital transformation talk into 2 months,” said Satya Nadella, CEO…
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The Age of Misinformation: Is the Truth Dead?

We live in an era of distrust. People of all backgrounds and political affiliations are increasingly distrusting the individuals, the platforms, and even the news media companies that present them with information. And on top of that, we’re learning about malicious actors…

Refugees Are At Risk From Dystopian ‘Smart Border’ Technology

New technologies deployed on borders for migration management and border security under the umbrella of smart border solutions are ignoring the fundamental human rights of migrants. Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones, for example) are often deployed in the surveillance of refugees in the US and the EU; big data analytics are being used to monitor migrants approaching the border. Though methods…
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The Collapse of Legacy Thinking

The collapse of legacy thinking is one of the underlying reasons for all the disruption and transformations of the 2020s. My book “Entering the Shift Age” was published in 2012 only a few days before 12/12/12 (which many of you will recognize as the date of the Mayan…
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Why Big Tech Companies are Building Cities, and Why Many are Worried

Situated in Menlo Park, south of San Francisco, is a 59 acre of land adjacent to the Facebook campus, this piece of land is proposed to be a fully self-contained and functional city called Willow Village. Here is why big tech companies are building cities, and why many are worried. However, there is one notable thing about Willow Village that makes it different from other communities in the US…
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