The Disrupted Generation: “Z”

The problem statement

The impact of the technological disruption on business, society and workforce is exponentially growing. Although it boosts innovation, agility and effectiveness, unrestrained disruption and societal friction have started to create “disrupted generation”. Based on the survey, Generation Z – people born between 1998 and 2016, roughly – explicitly declared their ideas and hence they reflected their pessimism and anxiety about their lives, their careers and society.


Understanding Generation Z

Unquestionably, opinions of Generation Z on the economy, social/political environment, and business are at all-time low level.

Reference: 2019 Deloitte Global Millennial Survey

Survey results points out that young generations which entails millenials and generation Z have a serious trust problem in traditional institutions.

Reference: 2019 Deloitte Global Millennial Survey


Generation Z: Challenge the status quo

Generation Z is ready to challenge the status quo on the edge of entering working environment. As they are digital natives, they are adapted high-tech and hyper-connected lifestyle more than previous generations and hence this will reshape behaviors, expectations and other factors into the workplace. The real question is: what does generation Z really want?

Dimension Must to have Great to have
Supportive Leadership  23 % 55%
Positive Relationships at Work 27% 53%
Scheduling Flexibility 24% 46%
Comfortable Workspaces 27% 46%
Chance to Learn Real Skills 24% 56%
Meaningful Roles and Responsibilities 18% 48%
Opportunities to be Promoted 23% 51%
Extra Pay for Going the Extra Mile 23% 55%
Convenient Location 20% 42%
Autonomy and Creative Freedom 13% 49%


Generation Z would like to be part of purpose-oriented organizations where they can find executive team who serve as agents for positive change. Their expectation from organizations to enhance lives, take into consideration social and environmental factors during their decision-making process.

As long as organizations would like to engage with generation Z, they must meet societal needs, take care or all stakeholders concerns.

How can organizations enhance their engagement with generation Z?

  • Open a radical transparent door, listen to their concerns and genuinely strive to understand their opinions and values
  • Help them prepare for the future of works by providing trainings and tools that enable them to be reskilled

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