Is Entrepreneurship Innate or Can It Be Developed?

This article was co-authored by Dogus Acar and Deniz Yegul. Dogus Acar is the Project Leader at Beginning Node Academy. Deniz Yegul is a student at Enka High School. Abstract Entrepreneurship education has been widely discussed as a way to develop entrepreneurial skills. This study aims to investigate the effect of entrepreneurship education on the development of entrepreneurial skills. It was…
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Making the Most of Technology in Education – Recommendations to School Leaders, Teachers, Tech Providers and Governments

Education is our most powerful tool to improve and shape the society, but our education systems around the world face huge problems – from vastly unequal access or crises in teacher recruitment, to the growing costs of modernization or stalling social mobility. Technology – designed, used and implemented effectively – is providing an increasingly sophisticated set of tools to…
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