Expert Analysis

How to Regulate Disruptive Innovation

The digital economy requires a legal environment fit for the future. As emerging technologies create new business models, there grows a pressing need for creating, modifying and enforcing regulations. Yet, the challenge is finding a delicate balance between protecting public interests and allowing the innovation to flourish. Germany’s BDI[1] and Noerr LLP, a leading European law firm, presented…
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21. Century Zeitgeist

Design and Architecture for Sustainable Innovation

While technology triggers transformation in every aspect of our life, do design and architecture succeed to keep up with this change to provide us with suitable habitats to live in? Architecture is an industry inspired and transformed by evolution. Take Brunelleschi’s…
21. Century Zeitgeist

Digital Arts in a Digital Age

From airplane patterns, to music rhythms, roads and various trackable human habits, online data is used to explore new frontiers in digital arts. The resulting images, figures or pieces are not just condensed information; it’s art. Data is the digital equivalent of a…
Exponential Growth

Regulating Disruptive Technologies

New technological developments not only disrupt traditional economic and social status quo, but they also require a new order to be established and comprehensive set of regulations to be designed. As we watch technologies emerge, develop and disrupt with the speed of exponential advancement, one aspect along with many remains unresolved: Regulation. The existing regulatory framework, which at the…
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21. Century Zeitgeist

Manipulation of Viewpoint

Our interpretation of history as well as our time, as it unfolds, are influenced by what we see, watch and read. How authentic, reconstructred or falsified they are? How are we influenced about how images conveyed messages? Do you recall the photograph in the title, which…